Monday, March 5, 2012

Hello Stranger

It seems we haven’t spoken in a while. I’m sorry. Did you think I’d gone the way of that little scaley dude who blinds the fat guy in Jurassic Park? (A juvenile Dilophosaurus I believe). It’s like we had a one night stand and I never called you - but you’ll be glad to hear I refrained from selling your knickers on eBay.

I’ve been busy. It’s no excuse. Since my last blog I’ve been to Paris, got a real haircut instead of hacking my fringe off with scissors in the bathroom, got hooked on Mad Men and Geordie Shore, discovered the second greatest bar in London, worked out how to use Twitter, failed to virtually befriend Ralf Little, signed up for Zumba, embarrassed myself at a Rihanna dance workout, made my first visit to the Hackney Picturehouse, watched some sci-fi theatre, cried laughing at Noises Off and One Man Two Guvnors, booked extortionate tickets to watch someone read the Great Gatsby for eight hours, learnt to make gyoza and grew three inches. OK.. the last one was a lie.

I still haven’t tidied my bedroom or learnt to drive but I’ve started a production company. Fancy website and all. Check it out y'all.

Bee Stung is the brainchild of myself and actress Lucy Ter Berg, my friend and partner in crime, and the swanky website is thanks to her graphic designer fella Aron.

We’ll be blogging over on the Bee Stung site about the trials and tribulations of running a company alongside a full time job. On the upside we've met lots of LOVELY people who met us for coffee, gave us tips and agreed to help out. We’ve read some brilliant plays. We’ve met some wonderful directors. We’ve taught ourselves to budget, and we’ve read James Seabright’s How To Be A Theatre Producer cover to cover. On the downside we’ve been drowning in Googledocs and getting up at 6.45am (yes you read that right) to trawl through funding applications in cafes before work.

I am not a morrning person. Lucy gets up and goes running. I stay in bed until the last possible minute, eat breakfast while sprinting to the station and balls up my mascara by doing it on the Tube. Our schedules are not exactly compatible but we are GODDAMN TRYING.

And I think we’re going to make some really good stuff. We’ll probably make some crap stuff along the way but we’re all friends right?

No we don't do refunds.

Follow us on Twitter @WeAreBeeStung

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